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Raffles Strata Management is a professional Managing Agent firm, with vast experience within the expertise of managing Residential, Commercial and/or Industrial developments.

We act as the Managing Agents for many MCSTs throughout Singapore, and we have the resources, drive and knowledge to efficiently manage Estates under our care. Although we have a diverse client-base, we take special attention to ensure that each MCST receives personalised service from us.

The Executive Management team at Raffles Strata Management is made up of individuals with strong background in Operations, Human Resources, Management, Legal, Building Management Strata Management Act (BMSMA), Accounting & Financial Management, Projects Specifications and/or Management (of Defects and/or R&R / A&A works).

We optimise the expertise within our Executive Management team, to ensure the efficient and pro-active management of Estates under our charge, which will in turn benefit the MCSTs.

All prospective Estates are initially surveyed physically by a Director of the company, and customised solutions to best meet the needs of the Estate will be produced. No two Estates are the same, hence no one solution fits all.

As a responsible and forward-thinking Managing Agent, Raffles Strata Management will begin to phase-in technologies in its operations of Estates, to simplify processes in order to achieve swifter response turnaround times, for the benefit of the Subsidiary Proprietors and Tenants.

On behalf of the Management and Staff of Raffles Strata Management Pte Ltd, we thank you for visiting our website.

Strata Management Services

Acting as the Managing Agent for MCSTs to managed day-to-day operations and compliance to the BMSMA.

accounting, financial management & credit control services

Production of Monthly Financial Accounts for the MCST, preparation of Budgets for AGM, etc.

Defects Claims and Defects Rectification Management Services

Defects Rectification, Projects Specification & Management of R&R, A&A work

Rent Collection and Arrears Management

Car Park Operations and Management

Cleaning and Landscaping