Our Services

We provide a range of services which covers all aspects of Estate Management, as listed below;


Accounting, Financial Management
& Credit Control Services

We will produce monthly financial accounts of MCSTs and produce comprehensive overview to pin-point key information to the Management Council.

We will undertake to prepare a robust Annual Budget of Income and Expenditure, to be presented to the General Body at AGMs. The Budget we prepare will take into account of internal factors within the maintenance of common facilities, and external factors of the economy. We will also provide recommendations on Fixed Deposit placements and tenure, as well as Cashflow Projections.

We will be responsible for the collection and banking of all payments received on behalf of the MCST From the outset, we will recommend and pre-agree an Arrears Management Policy with The MCST. which will give us clear instructions as to the various stages of Credit Control of late payments (from sending Reminders, to Legal Demands, to lodging a Charge on the property, to taking legal action at the Courts).

Strata Management Services

Acting as the Managing Agent for MCSTs to managed day-to-day operations and compliance to the BMSMA.

Defects Claims and Defects Rectification Management Services

Defects Rectification, Projects Specification & Management of R&R, A&A work

Car Park Operations and Management

Cleaning and Landscaping